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A Request from Ben Shutman

ben requests the following:

------ please please please please please don't post crap like "today is wednesday. i woke up and ate cheerios. then i went to the store to look at warhammer 40k figurines. i then played 2 hours of dungeons and dragons and my level 5 elf found a short sword of balancing +1! i then went to fry's and bought three ethernet cables. I like the belkin brand cables because they're nicer and more bendy. i then looked on ebay for 80's toys that my mom wouldnt buy me when i was a child. i found an optiums prime, mint condition for only $600!!! i'll post pics of it when i get it. then i checked my lavalife account and found that i had two smileys. i'm so happy today."



LAPD Caught Beating Suspect Again on Video

Not knowing when to throw in the hat and stop beating their fleeing suspects, LAPD has been caught once again on video (this time from their own helicopter) viciously beating a suspected car thief. Riots at 11.


Moose Cheese for the Low Low Price of $500 per pound!

There is nothing in the world quite like milking a giant wild horned animal, but it's quite dangerous, which is part of the reason that a Swedish company can sell it for $500 a pound.


Groping Arnold Doll Designs Sought

Bosley's Bobbing Head Doll Co. is seeking designs for a groping arnold doll.


Comdex finally dies

I remember when Comdex was a huge, raging event with thousands of people. Now, due to lack of interest, it has been canceled.


IBM Assited Nazis

Machines build by IBM were used to make killing more efficient in Nazi death camps during WWII.


Blood Shortage... DONATE!

The American Red Cross is requesting donations of blood due to a blood shortage in Southern California. If you can, donate... it will save lives.


Wireless Polygraph

According to Haaretz News, our wonderful non-big-brother-esque government is funding development on some great new technology that will allow spooks to determine if their mark is lying without having to attach any annoying wires that connect to traditional polygraph machines. It's made by a joint venture of an Israeli company Atlas and the American company Whizsoft. There is even talk of a mat of sensors used for airport passenger questioning.