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I Am Engaged to Penelope!


As of November 24th, 2004 I am now engaged to the lovely and beautiful Penelope Proffitt. I love her very much and am looking forward to a wonderful life with her.


more pictures of Penelope


Major Updates...

I have radically updated my website. I was using a program called serendipity for my news / blog and one called gallery for my photo galleries. There were some really good features, most of which I have emulated in my own code, and there were some bad features, which I have replaced with good features.

I am still importing my photos from a few other sites that I currently have them on.... soon enough they will all be on here.

Read on for the complete list of changes...


Geocacher freaks out LAX Police

The night before the election a man was doing some geocaching at LAX and was apprehended by police... for doing nothing. After several hours of questioning he was released with no charges. High-tech hobby sets off security turmoil at LAX: ""



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