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Old Bauer, Curtis and Bullock Family Photos

I have scanned a number of my old family photos, some dating back to the mid 1800's. Here the galleries:

Curtis Family

Bauer Family

David William Bullock (my father)

Virgil William Bullock


My Great-grandfather, George Louis Curtis' Obituary .. b.1886 d.1950

This is the obituary of my great grandfather (my Father's Mother's Father):


Back from Las Vegas...

Just got back from Las Vegas. I had a great time. It was really nice spending the holidays with my whole family and my lovely fiance. We stayed at Harrah's last night, ate some good food and drank some good liquor. Here are some pictures.


My Fiance's Website

For Christmas (as you may have read about in my last post) I registered a domain for my fiance Penelope. I also set her up a site just like this one only prettier. Check it out!


Merry Christmas!

Hope you are all having a merry holiday! I have created a few sites as Christmas presents for my fiance, my niece and nephew, and a couple of friends:
Mike Rocchio
I haven't done any designs for them yet, those will come in the next few days so for now they looks somewhat generic. Btw if I created a site for you and you need help setting it up let me know!


Design Updated

Well as you can see (or maybe not if your don't run a CSS compliant browser) my site has been updated. The design update was the easiest one I have ever done! All I had to do was change 1 file and my entire site was updated. I am all about separating content from design!

I have also improved the way the images work so that they can be cached by your browser (and save me bandwidth). I am about to update slacker and created a whole plethora of sites. =]


Caching Files...

Right now the files are still being cached... it takes a bit of time to create all the flat files so you may find some links do not work... they will just wait!


Caching Mechanism Added...

I have created a caching mechanism for eecue / slacker. Every time a page is added or changed, a (mostly) flat html file is created. This will prevent server overloads from slashdotting and whatnot. It also greatly decreases the page load time. This caching mechanism also creates a flat file for the RSS feeds (which allows HTTP/1.1 to handle the work). I have also improved the page navigation for multiple page albums etc. I am adding this and the other functionality I added to slacker and will be creating sites for several people for xmas.


BMC: Basic Mountaineering Course

This weekend I attended the San Bernardino Sheriffs Search and Rescue Basic Mountaineering Course. This course covered all the skills necessary for an alpine search and rescue mission in the San Bernardino mountains.


The course actually started a month ago with 16 hours of classroom time. This weekend was the field exercises where we got a chance to apply the skills we learned about in the classroom. It was important to know the skills at a level known as unconscious competence, which means you can execute the task correctly without having to think about it.

  • Here are some of the skills we covered:
  • Ice Axe Self Arrest
  • 2 and 3 Person Roped Travel
  • Snow Anchors
    • Picket
    • Ice Axe
    • Deadman
    • Bollard
  • Crampon Travel
  • Ice Axe Travel
  • Snowshoe Travel
  • Snow Shelters
  • Belaying
  • Avalanche Beacons

All in all it was a great training and I had a great time and learned many valuable skills. I plan on attending the next two trainings.

Here are the pictures I took.


Search and Rescue

I found this blog entry about Search and Rescuefrom my feedster search: Feedster Search: Search And Rescue... The owner of the blog is a member of the St. John's College Search and Rescue team, which I was a member of when I was in High School. =]


Old Photos Integrated Into Gallery

Ok I have set up my gallery to show in a hierarchal mode so that they are easier to navigate... I have integrated all the old photos into the gallery.


Japan Photos Imported...

I have finished importing my japan photos and they are now located here:



Old Photos Imported!

Ok I have imported all my eecue.com photos from before I was using gallery. Check them out... note that the dates are totally incorrect on most of them because I never set the time on my old camera... oh well... the japan photos are coming soon! =]


Check the Archive Feature!

Ok so during the update I added a really cool feature. The calendar now displays thumbnails for each event / photo group / post from this site... check it out:

It may take a second for all the thumbnails to load so be patient! Also there is a problem viewing the page in Internet Explorer (it looks like a long list of links instead of a calendar...) So use Mozilla or Safari. =]


Importing Old Photos

So I am now working on getting all my old digital photos in this gallery. The list of photos I will be importing includes:

  • Old eecue.com photos (everything from before i set up gallery)
  • Japan Photos
  • Drive Slagging Photos
  • Junglescene Photos (I will also be updating junglescene.com's photo section to be like the eecue.com section)
  • Old junglescene.com photos (before they were linked to calendar items)
  • Original junglescene.com photos (from 1999-2000)
I think that is everything.... keep an eye out! I will feature the imported photo groups on here... Some will get their own linked pages, like the Japan Photos...


In Memory of Fractal...

My cat died a few weeks ago... I just wanted to post up these pictures of him in memory... I miss you little guy!


TEAM Projects Plans to Create 1/2 Angstrom Resolution Microscope

Scientest at the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs are working on a microscope that will help push forward the next wave of nanotechnology.New microscope could focus nanotech dream

(Via topix D.O.E..)


Cicadas a Party for Forests

Every now and then cicadas invade our forests, and as it turns out, the forests love it.


Dual Use Space Lasers?

In the future we will definately be seeing many space based lasers, most will be weapons, but some will be for propulsion, according to this article from the CS Monitor.


Kevin Sites Posts About Iraq

Kevin Sites in an embedded journalist in Iraq. I have been reading his blog for a few months and I recently read that he was the journalist who filmed the Marine shooting the unarmed soldier. He wrote about it in his blog: Open Letter to Devil Dogs of the 3.1

(Via kevinsites.)