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My New Canon EOS 20D

loading only sign Today I bought myself a big birthday present. I picked up a Canon EOS 20D, with the Canon EF-S 18-75mm USM lens. I also bought the battery grip and a Manfrotto 3021BN with an Arca-Swiss monoball B1 head. Here is one of the first images I shot. I really love this camera and have been planning on buying it for a while. I am really looking forward to taking nature photos this weekend!

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My Birthday Party This Weekend

I will be in the desert this weekend for my birthday. If you'd like to come send me an email. -eek

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More on Gannon Gate

Here is an interesting read about the media's so called "liberal bias"


Rove Gannon Connection?

Dotty Lynch from CBS news writes this editorial about the possible Rove factor in the GannonGate scandal.



The Gannon/Guckert fiasco is gaining momentum and as I see it may be the downfall of this administration. Woodstein in this case are the bloggers.

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Matt Drudge Is a Fool

And he makes it painfully obvious with his attacks on Chris Rock.


The F Word

This is a hilarious german clothing website with a great monologue about the F word...

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I.C.E. 9 and Khumbu Crampon Safety Recall

I just got a letter in the mail from Montrail about their ICE 9 and Khumbu crampons. The recall is for all crampons produced between September 2003 and February 1st 2005.

From the letter:

Montrail has received some reports of breakage on the Kumbu and I.C.E. 9 crampons. No injuries have been reported. Thhe breakage occured in the vertical reails of the forefoot portion of the crapon just aft of the point array. When the crampon breaks in this way, it will no longer remain attached to the boot or the function as a traction device on snow and ice and and could result in serious injury to the user.

You can call for an RMA#: 800-826-1598 M-F 8-5PST or email custservice [at] montrail [dot] com.

Montrail will provide postage and several reimbursement options.


Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day to all the women in my life especially my fiance Penelope and my mother R.G. Bullock, who are the most wonderful women in the whole world. Thank you for all the happiness you bring me.


Did You Make the eecue Top 500?

Check out the tags page to see if you are one of the top 500 words in my photos / logs / albums.


New Tag System

Tagging is a way to identify posts / photos / events / albums / etc. with keywords that you can search by and cross-reference. Technorati has a good introduction to tags. Flickr uses tags as well. Now this site uses tags, of which the top 500 can be found on my tag page. You can also check for tags by using the following url: http://eecue.com/tags/[tagname]. Right now the tags are somewhat one-way (you can only see tags on the tag page... eventually each item will have a list of tags that it belongs to).

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NCRC Training 2004

The National Cave Rescue Commission was formed in 1979 to train rescuers and track rescues related to caves. It is a component of the National Speleological Society which is a non-profit group of over 50,000 cavers who are dedicated to preserving caves and cave environments. The NCRC does NOT do cave rescues, instead it trains rescuers in the latest cave rescue techniques.

california cavern sign Every year the NCRC sponsors a national week long cave rescue seminar. In 2004 there was also a regional week long (actually 10 day) seminar located at California Cavern in Cave City. Most of the SBCSD Cave Team members attended.

NCRC trains rescuers on 3 levels:

  • Level I - Team Member
  • Level II - Team Leader
  • Level III - Incident Command / Rescue Management

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Bush's Slash and Burn Tax Cuts

Bush released his new budget proposal and claims that it is fair and balanced, sort of like Fox "News". His budget fails to account for the $80 billion we will spend in Iraq and Afghanistan. It also fails to account for the several trillion dollars that his proposed Social Security "reform" will suck out of federal coffers. Senator Jim Jeffords pointed to the most glaring cuts:

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iPhoto 5 Doesn't Suck

So I have been using the new iPhoto 5 for about a week now and I am really happy with its performance. It is much faster than iPhoto 4, especially with my 5,200+ high res images. The Adjust widget permits me to adjust my photos without having to open them in photoshop (which I can do now easily too). The comment typing bug has been fixed. The search and smart folders rock. [Ed's Note: I should proofread and edit what I write.]

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Red State Road Trip

I just watched a very touching series of interviews with people throughout the red states. Here are the links to the videos.

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During the month of January I received over 200,000 hits from search engine spiders. Here are the top 6 spiders that crawled my site:

  • 116,448 Hits from Yahoo! Slurp
  • 37,011 Hits from msnbot/0.3
  • 26,424 Hits from Ask Jeeves/Teoma
  • 14,618 Hits from psbot/0.1 (picsearch)
  • 12,204 Hits from Mediapartners-Google/2.1
  • 10,514 Hits from Googlebot/2.1

I wonder if picsearch will ever have more than 4 images from the search for eecue.


Vincent Thomas Bridge Lighting

vincent thomas bridgeI attended the lighting of the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro. I arrived just after the fireworks. I took a group of photos, but my tripod was complete crap and didn't stabilize the camera enough. Oh well, next time I will use a better tripod. Part of the problem stemmed from the fact that my camera doesn't have a tripod attachment point, so I was using my underwater case. I think that may have added to the blurriness but mainly it was the crappy aluminum tripod that I was using. I will either have to invest in a better tripod or use my mom's.


CSS Layout Control

I have created 4 different layouts that you can now choose from. Click on the links in the menu labeled layout. The site is currently laid out to the left. The liquid layouts will allow you to change the size of the window and still see content. Enjoy!


New MSN Search Beta Browser Ugliness

So I saw a news item about Microsoft releasing their new beta search engine as the main search on MSN (instead of yahoo). When I was checking it out i noticed that in Safari there is no left margin so the text is right up against the left hand side of the window... annoying (if you stretch it out it looks ok). I checked it out in Firefox and it looks fine. In Mac IE you can't even see the search box (on the main MSN page...)! If you post the link to the search in the browser it does work though.