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Desktop nuclear fusion

A scientist at State University of New York in Binghamton has achieved table top nuclear fusion in by heating a dueterium gas soaked lithium tantalate crystal. They are only heating it to 7ºC. It only produces a very small amount of neutrons, but you have to start small.

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LayerOne Post Con Page

The folks over at LayerOne have posted up photos from the talks as well as links to the presentation files. So go and check it out. You may learn something!


Cave Team Articles

A few weeks ago, the Search and Rescue team that I am a part of did a training with an embedded journalist. She ended up writing two stories about us.



In my talk and in the presentation I have linked in a previous post I stated that Autopsy and The Sleuth Kit are @Stake products, which they no longer are. Brian Carrier is the author and developer of both Autopsy and The Sleuth Kit. He left @Stake several years ago and they gave him full rights to his project.


LayerOne 2005

This weekend I attended a security and technology conference called LayerOne. LayerOne is in its second year running and this year was even better than last year. It is really nice to have a security conference in the LA area (toorcon is pretty close being in San Diego).

I only live about half an hour from Pasadena, but I decided to book a hotel room for both Friday and Saturday. I showed up on Friday in the early afternoon because I still had to do some work on my presentation. Just for the record I want to state that Keynote is a far superior program in comparison to Power Point.

I worked on my presentation for a few hours and then decided to walk over to Afloat Sushi, which is one of my favorite restaurants in Pasadena. After eating about 10 plates of sushi I walked back to my hotel room and took a nap. A call to my cellphone from Kelvin awoke me and I rolled out of bed, realizing I still had an hour left of work to do on my Snarl presentation. Luckily Kelvin is easily amused, so I put on Fox News and finished up my work.


Snarl 1.13 Released!

Ok I finally uploaded the image of the latest Snarl Release. You can find it on the sourceforge project page which is located here.


Snarl @ LayerOne

I just got home from the Layer One conference in Pasadena today. The conference went well and the attendance was good. I spoke today about my open source project Snarl. It was my first public speaking engagement and I was a bit nervous. All in all I think the talk went well. Here is a copy of my presentation in PDF format(2.3MB) and the original Keynote format(2.1MB). I am currently uploading the Snarl ISO to source forge and I will make another post when I have finished. It will be done in about 4 hours from 5:28PM PST.

Here is the checksum for the new release: MD5 (snarl-1.13.iso) = 451166f6094c94f06d9ed1603472b0c4


Flickr giving away pro accounts...

I just noticed a link on my flickr account thanking me for paying for their service even though it was in beta. As a gift they have doubled my account time (2 years) and have given me 2 more pro account to give away... that's pretty cool!


FBI Raids Los Alamos Sales Co. (the Black Hole)

I used to work at a place in Los Alamos called the Black Hole. I had read recently that they were raided by the FBI who took a bunch of joke items that Ed Grothus had on display for years. The man is always trying to hold Ed Grothus down!

This is from the Santa Fe New Mexican (bugmenot reg. required):


Adobe absorbs Macromedia

I have been both an Adobe and Macromedia user for over 10 years and I am a bit surprised that Adobe is going to ingest Macromedia and curious as to what will come out the other end. Maybe Adobe will do us all a favor and kill Flash.


A Busy Search and Rescue Weekend

This weekend our SAR team had a two part training scheduled. The first part was Helitac training in which we were to learn about how to deal with helicopters in the search. We got about half an hour in to it when our team leader received a call from the Volunteer Forces coordinator. There was a need for alpine trained rescuers on Mt. Baldy for a patient evac. Being that 90% of our team is trained for Alpine rescue we responded and drove to the command post at the Mt. Baldy trailhead where we readied our gear. We were about to head up the trail when we heard on the radio that LA's rescue 5 chopper had successfully evac'ed the patient.

We decided to do the second part of our training, Cauhilla Creek Cave, which is near Temecula. This was a fun talus cave that is about a mile hike from the road. We had a reporter and a cameraman with us and I think they enjoyed themselves. It will be interesting to read the article.

At the end of the day we received verification on the possibility that we would be needed for a search for a missing woman in Indio. The call entailed us showing up at the command post in indio at 0630 which required us to leave the Sheriff's Office in San Bernardino at 0500. This meant that I would have to wake up a 0345... joy! So after about 4 short hours of sleep I jumped out of bed and into my car and drove to San Bernardino.

We showed up on time at the CP in Indio and feasted on some egg mcmuffins, yum. After the briefing we were assigned an area to search and we drove out and started searching. We searched for about 4 hours when we were called back to the CP where they said they needed Alpine certified rescuers to find some lost Boy Scouts on San Jacinto. Once our gear was ready and we were about to leave we were notified that the scouts were found and were being pulled of the mountain.

We then ate lunch and continued our search for the missing woman. After a few more hours of looking for her in the hot sun and not finding her we were called back. It was a long weekend and I was tired. I fell asleep as soon as me head hit the pillow.


Google Satellite and Ridefinder

Google has just released a couple of new tools that rock big time! They have added satellite maps to their regular maps page as well as a ride finder service that tracks taxi cabs! Here is one of twentynine palms.


SRL Invades Los Angeles

Last week on April Fools I read a post on BoingBoing that stated the famed Survival Research Labs of the Bay Area would be in full force with their killer robots on Saturday. Hoping that it wasn't just an April Fools joke, I hurriedly finished removing the rear differential from my 86 Bronco and raced back from the desert to watch some good ol' fashioned robot induced destruction.

Penelope and I showed up about half an hour into the show and couldn't get a good look at at the action due to the crowd that had formed. After trying to shoot photos over the crowd we went back to my car and grabbed out ear protection and then went to the other side. We watched the action for a few moments until it was over and then waited at the front of the riot gates. One of the crew members in an orange suit looked at my camera and said that security wasn't watching so I might as well go take some pictures. That was my cue so I walked in and took a bunch of close-ups of the machines. My favorite photos was of an LAFD fireman wearing 3d glasses and watching the show on a PowerBook.

euthanized robot As we walked around and took photos, one of the robots came back to life to the delight of the SRL crew. They quickly opened the robot's body and euthanized it. It was pretty funny to watch.

Next time SRL shows up I will know to come early and bring a ladder!

inside the robot robojuice the streets ran green euthanized inside the bot roboinside field surgery this robot came back to life penelope attacked robot arm bot dragging pitching machine pitching machine pitching machine hovercraft LAFD enjoying the show in 3D gas tanks hovercraft hovercraft robot face the fuzz robots robots robots hand o god flame whistle control panel the inchworm flame whistle fire flame whistle crowd being blasted by the V1 flame whistle hovercraft flames srl in action the crowd srl in action srl in action srl in action