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orochon special 2 spice level

Some times I don't make the smartest decisions when it comes to my culinary explorations. There was that one time in Tokyo when I tried the chicken sashimi and repeatedly after a night at the bar I find myself drawn to the danger dog cart. Some of my hacker friends make something called Habeñero rum which is incredibly spicy and I've had it a few times, but it didn't prepare me for the Special 2 Spice Level Orochon Ramen.

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Mojave In Bloom

This weekend I went out to the desert for my birthday and took some photos of the few flowers that I found in bloom. Compared to last year there were almost no flowers at all, but I am guessing after this rain that we had there will be many more in the next few weeks. Here are several of the shots I took:

Wooly Daisy

Wooly Daisy

Wooly Daisy

The best part about the sparsity of wildflowers was that there were bugs on all the flowers that were alive.

tofu katsu croquette octopus tentacles natto roe pickles

Desert Fun

Just got back from a birthday shooting trip in the desert. Penelope and I had a great time, but I'm glad to be back at home in my air conditioned loft with running water. Photos coming soon.

bees love beer

Oomasa, Take Me Away!

monk fish liver

The other day I did a short write-up about many people's favorite sushi spot in Little Tokyo called Oomasa. I don't think my one paragraph really did it justice so I am going to expand upon it. I also took some drool inducing photos during my most recent foray between the noren curtains.

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wall of bravery IMG_0699.JPG the aftermath empty bowl all done mmm spicy feel the heat note the tears just getting started orochon special 2 spice level


Pork Ramen

It was Friday night and Penelope got off after midnight. I was hungry for some hot ramen goodness so I hopped in the lopers' car and we headed down to my favorite area for late night dining, Little Tokyo. In my quest to try every restaurant in LT, starting with the spots that are open late, I have been to most of the eateries along First street south of San Pedro. Although my favorite low price restaurant is currently Suehiro, I was recently referred to Daikokuya in the comments on my post about Mr. Ramen.

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Oomasa, Mr. Ramen, Yamazaki and Mikawaya

I'm sure it's a surprise to nobody that I enjoy eating Japanese food. I spent some time in Japan a few years ago and these days I really enjoy visiting the various eateries in Little Tokyo. Here are some mini-reviews of establishments I've visited in the last few weeks that I enjoyed: Oomasa, Mr. Ramen, Yamazaki and Mikawaya.

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Beard Papa's

feel the ooze!

If you are ever feeling skinny, there is a quick fix for that: Beard Papa's. Actually depending on what time you go to Beard Papa's, you may have to wait in a pretty long line, so the fix may not actually be that quick. Penelope and I went to Marukai in Gardena on Superbowl Sunday to get some tasty snacks and on the way in we say the Beard Papa's sign and I started drooling. The line stretched around the kiosk and with about 20 people waiting for their custard infused pastry fix.

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Chanko Nabe @ Shabu Hachi

Spicy Miso Nabe

I was in the West Side on Tuesday for a meeting and afterwards I stopped to grab a bite to eat at Shabu Hachi on Olympic. I have had plenty of Shabu Shabu in my life so I opted to try a Japanese dish I hadn't ever had before, Nabe. Nabe is an assortment of meat and veggies in a hot pot of water. There are several varieties of broth available, miso, soy and chanko which is a spicy bean paste, similar to what is often served with Korean BBQ. I opted for the seafood chanko nabe and along with an order of beef wrapped enoki mushrooms.

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Live Crabs

These were delicious although when they arrived at my table they were no longer alive

live river crabs

From Sushi-Ya in La Palma.


Drive Slagging Repost

[This is an old project that CHS, Arclight and I did in which we melted down some old hard drives, I just revently uploaded the pictures again so I am reposting it here on my blog as well as on the original site: driveslag.eecue.com]

Due to the recent MIT study concerning data recovery from old hard drives, we decided that the only fool proof means of data removal was complete destruction of the disk platters.

We started with two hard drives that had failed for various reasons. The data on the disks was sensitive, like most personal data you will find on any random hard drive. We had considered various methods of destroying the data. These methods of destruction included: detonation, shooting with high calibre bullets, bulk magnetic eraser, grinding the platters, smashing the platters with a hammer. These methods would all thwart a novice data recovery party, but wouldn't be 100% effective due to scanning tunneling microscope recovery techniques.

We finally decided that the only sure way to thwart data recovery was to melt down all the aluminum contained in the platters. Slagging the drive would have two effects on the medium. First off it would convert it from a readable disk to any shape we decided to pour it into. Secondly it would nullify the magnetic properties of the coated aluminum.

We started by putting the drives into a steel crucible: drive in crucible

Next CHS fired up Arclight's furnace and adjusted the flame for proper heat dispersion:
turning up the heat

Then he inserted the crucible into the furnace:
putting the hard drives into the furnace

After a few minutes we noticed toxic smoke rising from the furnace vent and decided to take a look inside.
flame and smoke rising from the fire

We realized we should have removed the PCBs from the drives first... oh well:
burning pcbs

Pretty soon the only solids left in the crucible were the steel caps that enclose the case:
glowing steel
chs and glowing steel

Once we removed those we saw that the woven fiberglass inside the PCBs still remained:
no more data

We then poured the molten aluminum into out ingot cast:
pouring a liquid hard drive

Good luck recovering data from this:
hard drive ingots

Our prognosis: drive slagging is a fool-proof method to prevent data recovery.

Here is the full photo album
[this was posted by chs to the forum on the original driveslag site:]

Our furnace

arclight and I originally built the furnace to carry out the plans in the gingery books for building a lathe, mill, shaper, etc..


It's designed for melting down aluminum, zinc, brass/bronze primarily. but it could even be adapted to cast iron (AKA crucible steel).

its current capacity is 8 pounds of aluminum, or 25 pounds of brass/bronze plus or minus a pound depending on alloy.

it is propane fired, and the refractory lining was made from a formula we found on the backyardmetalcasting homepage, http://www.backyardmetalcasting.com/ It is NOT normal cement. it is designed specifically to take the intense heats involved with melting metals and designed to be porous so that moisture can vent out, rather than crack the lining or have the lining explode.

normally we use it for basic sand casting techniques.
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UPDATE: Drive Slagging Featured In LISA '04 Presentation

In 2004 Simson Garfinkel gave a talk at the USENIX LISA conference about data on old hard drives. The report he wrote was actually what made us decide to do the drive slagging site in the first place. He featured our method of data removal in his slides which can be found at the link below. If you just want to see the slides click the permalink.
Click here for the full story.

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Happy Valentines Day

To all the women in my life, especially my fiance Penelope. Every day our romance grows stronger as I fall deeper in love with you. I love you baby! I really enjoy our time together and I especially enjoyed the blogs you posted.

Spicy Miso Nabe Spicy Nabe
live river crabs fried live river crabs

Nacho Libre

This new movie starring Jack Black looks hilarious. Jack black is the ultimate underdog luchadore, Nacho Libre.


Downtown Art Ride

I registered a domain and built a quick website for the Downtown Art Ride. I will be adding more info soon along with a great map that Eric Richardson created at his new job.


A match made in the blogosphere

I just read this post over at 5thandSpring, and I just wanted to wish Jim and Celia the best in their relationship. I enjoy reading both of their blogs and I think it's great that they hooked up. I haven't been paying close attention, but is this the first blogger relationship in Downtown?


Downtown Central City East Blogger

Don GarzaTonight I ran in to Don Garza who was walking across the street on 6th. I recognized him from the various photos of him around the internet and as an avid reader of his blog I've been meaning to meet him so I ran across the street and introduced myself. Don is a cool guy and we talked about all kinds of stuff about downtown ranging from housing to the drug problem to my transgressions against harmless Furbys. He had just come from the neighborhood walk which I am going to attend someday soon. I'm looking forward to trying some of his tamales that he is going to make this weekend.

Don Garza

Wine Haiku

LA Foodblogging is giving away a couple of tickets to a wine tasting event next week. In order to win you have to write a Haiku. Here is what I wrote:


Faith Based Math

One of my caver friends, Tom Gilleland, who co-owns a cave with some of the people from my grotto, also runs a software development company called Beach Ware that specializes in games, stock media and educational software. His software hinges on a tongue-in-cheek algorithm which he calls faith based math [faithBasedMath() ?] and which he defines as:

The act of ignoring logic to come to a conclusion that meets your personal specifications. An illogical dichotomy often used by politicians, businessmen, and other rascals to justify a one-sided, self-weighted deal.