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My photography is now featured on Artshow.com, they have added my work to nearly all their subject categories.

Farmer Johns from the LA Riverbed Los Angeles River and Downtown Downtown Los Angeles and LA River Los Angeles River from Vernon

Downtown Los Angeles and the Los Angeles River from Vernon

Downtown Los Angeles and LA River

Downtown Los Angeles and LA River

You can see a few more of the photos from my shoot today here. The photos were taken through a Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5 L mounted on a Canon EOS 5D. A set of 3 bracketed photos were combined using Photomatix.


Overturned Truck off the 710

Overturned Truck

The lifting begins

Note the tow truck wheels

After shooting some HDR photos in Vernon, I was heading in to work when I saw an overturned truck. I stopped to take some photos of the truck being turned back over. Note the tow-truck's wheels on the last shot.


Dave Bullock, Comic Book Artist

I am looking to get in touch with the other Dave Bullock. He is a well known comic book artist. I am interested in a collaborative art project with him. If you know Dave Bullock, the comic book artist, please send him my way and have him email me. Thanks!

Note the tow truck wheels Tow truck lifting flipped truck The lifting begins Overturned Truck

Small Turnout for Minutemen / CAB Protest

More Police Than Protesters

The notification on the DLANC mailing list said the CAB protest was expecting 200 protesters and 200,000 spectators. I laughed when I read that and responded that I figured it would be more like 200 of each. I walked down to Broadway to check it out and as it turns out, 200 was probably a bit of a high estimate. There were roughly 100 protesters, surrounded by close to 200 police officers. The spectators maybe numbered 100 people, who were shouting and laughing and the very serious and likely racist group of mostly minutemen, with a few CAB folks thrown in for good measure.

Ted Hayes started the CAB, which stands for Crispus Attucks Brigade and according to their website their mission is to:

move American Blacks peoples to take their rightful and dutiful role to stop illegal immigration into the United States of America

Despite the racist placards the protesters were carrying:

The Minute Man Project is not racist, even as American Blacks citizens and the Crispus Attucks Brigade is not racist against the Brown/Bronze Indio Indigenous peoples of Mexico and Central America.

More photos can be found here.

Wearing a US Flag Sweater Does Not Make You a Patriot Crazy Lady Filming Counter-Protestors Mexican Gangsters Belong in Mexico Go Home Minutemen More Police Than Protesters Heil Minutemen Sorry Immigrants, Your Civil Rights Do Not Count Roxie and Misplaced Float America Has Been Invaded FR Foam Baton Confrontation With Onlookers MECHa + La Raza = Racism? Reparations Float

Midnight Aerial Filming in Downtown Los Angeles

There is currently a large helicopter flying almost directly above my loft. It has been circling for nearly 2 hours. The helicopter is part of a film crew that is filming a block north of my loft. The crew is parked both in the parking lot next to my loft, and the lot across the street where I park.

We were not notified. My wife has to wake up at 4:30 AM tomorrow for nursing school. It is almost midnight. I do not know where to turn in this situation.

I started out by calling 311, they forwarded me to the non-emergency LAPD dispatch who forwarded me to the LAPD's Air Support Watch Commander. The Sergeant on watch was a nice fellow, and I could tell he felt bad that he couldn't do anything about the disturbance. The deal is that if there is a permit, they have every right to be in the air, no matter who they are. He said that if I had a complaint I would need to jot down the tail letters and call the company in charge of the bird.

UPDATE I currently don't see or hear the helicopter, so hopefully the crew has wrapped for the night. Either way my wife is wearing ear protection and seems to be fast asleep.

UPDATE Part 2 Oh joy the helicopter is back. So far I've been contacted by 4 other Downtown residents. Eric Richardson blogged about it. The adhoc DLACN Film Issues meeting tomorrow today should be quite interesting. I won't be able to make it, but my wife will be there to voice our opinions.

UPDATE Part 3It is now 5am, my wife is getting up for nursing school, normally I would be asleep, but the crew is banging poles on the ground as they disassemble the circus tents in the parking lot across the street from my loft. Time for me to don the ear protection. Nice.


Mojave Desert Near Joshua Tree National Park

Big Desert Sky

Tank Top and Bottom

3 exposures 0,+/-2 EV from a Canon EOS 5D and EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L combined with Photomatix. More Desert HDR photos can be found here.

Mine Ruins Tank Top and Bottom Tailings Pile Massive Strip Mine Eagle Mountain Eagle Mountain Road Painted Hills in Desert Big Desert Sky Looking Out of the Mine Rusty Water Tank
Vernon Bridge 6th Street Bridge and Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles from the 6th Street Bridge

6th Street Bridge and Downtown Los Angeles

3 exposures 0,+/-2 EV from a Canon EOS 5D and TS-E 24mm combined with Photomatix.

Vernon Bridge