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Skid Row Photo Club at Old Bank Holiday Art Bazaar

Last weekend the Skid Row Photography Club sold a dozen prints during the Old Bank Block Party's Holiday Art Bazaar.

The turnout was amazing. Hundreds of people took time to look at our club member's amazing photos. Everyone was enthralled by the quality of the work and excited to learn about the concept behind the club.

I felt like a carnival barker luring marks to the table, but it was for a cause more noble than a ring-toss. My hard-sell helped to bring people to the table who otherwise would have just passed by. This in turn helped to sell a dozen prints.

The deal we have worked out with the club members is that half of any print sales goes to the club and the other half goes to that member. Yesterday at our meeting I handed out envelopes to all of our members who have given me photos. It was great for them to see a monetary response to their work.

Bert Green kindly sponsored our entry fee for the Bazaar and made sure our paperwork was pushed through. The table was a great idea and I really enjoyed talking to so many people about the project. We also earned enough money to buy another camera!

The next step is to update the website so that each member has their own blog, bio and gallery. Their galleries will also allow people to purchase prints online. I am going to try and have this done by year's end.

I am looking forward to seeing more amazing work from our participants. Our next show coming up will open during the January Downtown Art Walk at Raw Materials. Come down and see the work if you get a chance!

Skid Row Photo Club Table @ Old Bank Block Party Holiday Art Bazaar

A folding table is covered with prints for sale from members of the Skid Row Photography Club.

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Guerilla Gardening in Downtown Los Angeles

My lovely wife Penelope and our neighbor who wishes to be known as Quietearth have created a beautiful Guerilla Garden in Downtown Los Angeles.

What once was an empty cylinder filled with dirt and trash is now a thriving garden filled with drought-resitant, sustainable plants.

In their quest to bring more greenery to our mostly paved neighborhood, they go to the garden every few days to water. Every few weeks they plant new seedlings, cacti and succulents.

The Skid Row residents who live in SROs nearby thank Quietearth and my wife every time they see them. I think the garden really cheers up both the local residents and the guerilla gardeners.

I've watered the plants a few times, but my wife and Quietearth have done all the hard work. It's really inspiring to see the green, sustainable plants when I drive or walk by their garden.

A few weeks I tagged along with them when they went to dig in the dirt and install some plants. Here are a few of the photos I shot:

Penelope in the Guerilla Garden

Penelope bends over to plant a succulent in the planter.

Tending the Guerilla Garden

Nearby SRO residents stand around the planter while Queitearth packs dirt around a freshly planted shrub.

Penelope in the Guerilla Garden

Penelope scoops dirt around a plant she just placed in the planter.

The Guerilla Gardeners

The Downtown Guerilla Gardeners stand proudly on the rim of their planter.

Click here to see more photos from my Downtown Guerilla Gardening gallery.


Skid Row Photo Club on BoingBoing TV

Blaze and I were featured on BoingBoing TV today talking about the Skid Row Photo Club:

Read more about the club here on BoingBoing.


Canon 5D MK II Unboxing

I just picked up the Canon 5D MK II which I've been drooling over since it was announced a few months ago. I really want to shoot some photos now, but I have to charge the battery first! In the interim, here are some unboxing photos:

Brand New 5D MK II In Box

5D MK II Box Contents

Brand New 5D MK II

Brand New 5D MK II

Brand New 5D MK II

Click here to see the rest of them.

Brand New 5D MK II Brand New 5D MK II Brand New 5D MK II Brand New 5D MK II Brand New 5D MK II Brand New 5D MK II 5D MK II In Wrapper 5D MK II Box Contents Brand New 5D MK II In Box
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