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March Downtown Art Walk

Last month I had my first gallery show at Niche Video Art. This month my show continued at Niche. I took some photos during the show as well as a couple when I was walking over. Here are a few, including my increasingly rare self-portrait shot:

Dave Bullock Self Portrait

My First Gallery Show

Niche Video Screening on the Bartlett

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Craziest Nigerian Email Scam Ever

This is the craziest email scam I've ever gotten. It would be totally plausible if there was any chance that Benazir Bhutto whould have had my email address in her address book. I almost want to respond to see what kind of a scam it is, but I'm sure it's just your average Nigerian Email scam:

From: XXXXXXXXXXXXX@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Benazir Bhutto
Date: March 31, 2008 10:28:38AMPDT
To: undisclosed-recipients: ;


I want to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation to you for your support during the hour of need. The enemy gave us a huge blow when they took the life of my dear mother. As a matter of fact, I do not know you personally except your contact details I got from my mom's address book. I also pass on my sincere appreciation for the feat we were able to record at the last elections despite the absence of my mom who was the party leader until her brutal assassination. The victory was to all Pakistanis as it clearly demonstrated their commitment to the course my mom stood and died for. Your support is conspicuously recognized and highly appreciated.

Losing her is the hardest thing I've been through all my life, but knowing that she was a hero to many people does comfort me. I know she would appreciate what you all did for her. All we just crave for now is for her killing be probed by an international team under the United Nations. It is the only hope we have of getting the possible plotters of her murder properly investigated. Only this would help us convince our supporters that there was some element of collusion between her murderers and agents of President Musharaf who were determined to get rid of her.

Please do acknowledge receipt of this correspondence as I will be confiding something very important in you when I get to hear from you again.

Very sincerely,

Bilawal Zardari.


Downtown LA Walkabout #10

Earlier this morning I went on my tenth Downtown Walkabout. I just got a Polar F11 heart rate monitor, as recommended to me by my sister-in-law, Merrilee. After telling it your stats and doing a resting heart-rate test you then go through a series of gradually more difficult exercises. This allows the system to determine your target heart rate for varying levels of exertion. Then you tell it how much you want to work out each week and it takes you through a series of exercise levels during your workout. At the end it tells you how many calories you burned and how long you worked out. Pretty cool! After an hour and 22 minutes of walking at a very brisk pace I burned 777 calories.

Anyhow, here are a few of the photos I shot on my walk:

Stock Exchange Door Detail

High Security Patio

Cop Approaching Lamborghini LP560-4

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Los Angeles Zoo

A few weeks ago, my lovely wife and I took a trip to the Los Angeles Zoo. We had a good time, but I couldn't help to feel sorry for all the animals on display for our enjoyment. Picturing them in their natural habitat frolicking to and fro instead of locked in a relatively small cage was somewhat depressing. There is no doubt that the animals are cute, but are they happy? Probably not. Either way enjoy the photos:


Baby Tiger


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High Security Patio

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Kauai Walkabout

Last weekend my lovely wife and I went to Kauai for a good friend's wedding. We were only there for 2 nights, which is certainly not enough time to explore the luscious and beautiful island known as the Garden Island. Here are some photos I shot during a walk we took the morning before the wedding:

Lighthouse in Lihue

View from the Road in Kauai

Disintegrated Reflector

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Downtown LA Walkabout #9

This morning I went on my 9th walkabout in Downtown LA. I decided to walk up to the Civic Center. I actually shot with a Canon Rebel XTi which I'm reviewing for WIRED News. It's not a bad camera, although it's quite and doesn't feel comfortable in my hands. Keep an eye out for the review coming soon. Here are a few of the photos I shot:

Disney Concert Hall Surveillance Camera

Los Angeles Pvblic Library

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San Francisco Vacation

In January, my lovely wife Penelope and I took a vacation to the Bay Area to visit family, eat good food, and of course, shoot photos. My sister-in-law gave us a really awesome tour of the Internet Archive and on the way home we stopped and toured the amazingly beautiful SLAC, both of which turned in to WIRED News galleries. Last night I uploaded my photos from some of the non-tech places we visited. Here are a few for your enjoyment:

View from Tilden Park

Point Bonita Lighthouse

Penelope and Dave

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Winston Street Art

Downtown LA Walkabout #8

This whole waking up early thing is great for my productivity. I've been getting a great deal of work done, and that's before the sun even rises. I've also been getting all my reading in and completing a round of lumosity. I have also exercising every morning, and today I took an hour long walk, covering about 4 miles. I shot some photos along the way:

Blue Loading Dock

Newspaper Rack Stand Base

Trains and Graffiti

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Downtown LA Walkabout #7

I love waking up early. This morning I rolled out of bed and started my day at 5:00 a.m. I love watching the sun come up and light up the skyline. I haven't been doing my walkabouts for a few days now, instead opting to do calisthenics in the loft, including jumping jacks, crunches, lunges and running in place.

Today I went for my walkabout despite the heavy coverage of smoke from a fire on 16th and Los Angeles. Today I walked up 5th street, over the Harbor Freeway and back down 6th street. Here are a few of the photos I shot along the way:

Futuristic Lighting

Smoke Over 6th Street

Orange Flowers

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Private Property Sidewalk Sign
No U

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Internet Archive Book Scanning on WIRED News

Earlier this year my lovely wife and I took a trip to the Bay Area to visit family and check out some cool stuff which I also shot for WIRED. One of the tours that my sister-in-law took us on was to the Internet Archive headquarters as well as a book scanning facility. The gallery went up on WIRED today:

Internet Archive on WIRED News


Downtown LA Walkabout #6

This morning I woke up at 5:30 a.m., although I tried to wake up at 5:00 it didn't quite happen. After rolling out of bed, weighing myself and drinking my morning glass of water I had a light breakfast, read my news feeds and played a round of the reputedly mind-sharpening Lumosity. I don't normally play games, but I enjoy the quick mental challenges that Lumosity offers and I am considering getting a paid account when my trial runs out, although $80 a year seems kind of steep. After I finished all of that I went on my walkabout and shot some photos:

Well Painted Curb

Red Brick Alley

Locked Call Box

Check out the rest in my Downtown LA Walkabout #6 gallery.

Internet Archive on WIRED News Melville Norton

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Penelope and Dave

Aloha From Hawaii : Kauai Day 1

Penelope and I touched down in Hawaii today for a friend's wedding. We're staying at the Kauai Marriot in Lihue. Before we left I picked up a waterproof camera, the Olympus Stylus 850, which I'm very happy with so far. I love having a waterproof ultracompact camera. Here are a few shots from today:

Fungus on Step Rainbird Wires Double Bridge Penelope and Dave

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Hadland Imacon 200 High Speed Camera A View Through A Lens Inside the Plasma Vacuum Chamber Inside the Plasma Vacuum Chamber Eve Stenson stands next to the plasma va High Speed Gas Valves Inside the Plasma Vacuum Chamber Inside the Plasma Vacuum Chamber Inside the Plasma Vacuum Chamber Plasma Vacuum Chamber Auna Moser Shorts the Plasma Chamber to Auna Moser Fires The Plasma Auna Moser and Paul Bellan Smaller Vacuum Chamber Plasma Pulse Stuff Bank High Speed Camera and Giant Vacuum Chamb Bellan Plasma Lab Eve Stenson, professor Paul Bellan, Auna Pulse Doubler NIM Cards Solar Coronal Loop Simulation Experiment Noble Gas Selectors High Vacuum Turbo Pump Power Supply for the Plasma Chamber 4 Bank Gas Valve Power Supply Gas Valve Power Supply Fast Ion Gauge Amplifier

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Niche Video Screening on the Bartlett

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Downtown LA Walkabout #5

On my quest to lose weight and be healthy I have been going on walks through various Downtown LA districts almost every morning. Today I walked through the Fashion District and shot some photos. Here are a few highlights:

Fabric Alley


You can check out the rest in my Downtown LA Walkabout #5 gallery.


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WRONG WAY Trash in Alley Fabric Alley Alley and Parking Lot Painter on Maple Fashion Alley Quantum Storage Gallery on WIRED News El Precisoso Guess Where LA? Working Underground

Quantum Storage : WIRED News Gallery

A couple weeks ago I got an embargoed preview of an upcoming research paper in Nature. I contacted the scientist involved as well as my press contact at CalTech and asked if I could come down and shoot the experiment at the Quantum Optics laboratory. On Monday morning I went and interviewed the lead author of the paper, a student and researcher named Kyung Soo Choi. He explained the experiment to me, as the Nature article is quite dense, and afterward I shot the lab. Here is the resulting gallery on WIRED News:

Quantum Storage Gallery on WIRED News


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Angry Chimp

Downtown LA Walkabout #4

I can't remember the last time I woke up at 6:00 AM on a Saturday morning when it didn't involve Search and Rescue. I didn't even set an alarm, but when I woke up and rolled over it was just a few minutes after six. I am really enjoying this early rising thing. I used to think I was more productive at night, but now that I'm getting up early I realize that I am actually a more effective worker in the morning.

As I mentioned the other day, I've been following the Zen Habits morning routine, although instead of fixing lunches for the kids, I feed the cats. I have also started getting ready for my day before I go to bed, again per Zen Habit's recommendations. I have really been enjoying the last point, reading myself to bed.

Today after breakfast I went for a brisk 45 minute walk around Downtown Los Angeles. I brought my camera along, and here are a few of the photos I shot:

Third Street Tunnel

Water Sculpture

Under the Bridge

You can check the rest of my Downtown LA Walkabout #4 photos here.

Glass Parking Sign Man Feeding Dog Broken Cone on Broken Utility Box Under the Bridge Third Street Tunnel Tiny Scribes Water Sculpture Foto Herrer Manhole Cover with Purple Glass
CyberKnife Radiation Oncology Robot at U CyberKnife Radiation Oncology Robot at U CyberKnife Radiation Oncology Robot at U Pig Intestines for Laparoscopic Surgery Practicing Laparoscopic Surgery Practicing Laparoscopic Surgery Practicing Laparoscopic Surgery Practicing Laparoscopic Surgery Colonoscopy Simulator Control Colonoscopy Simulator Manikin Wound Dressings Bloody Manikin Manikins Dr. DJ Green Holding an IV Bag of Fake B Fake Blood Stains The METI Control System Inside a METI Human Patient Simulator Opening up a METI Human Patient Simulato METI Human Patient Simulator METI Human Patient Simulator

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ETech Portraits on WIRED News

Downtown Los Angeles Walkabout #3

As you may have noticed, I've been walking around Downtown to get exercise and shooting photos along the way. I'm trying to doing this every day. I think I'm going to do it first thing tomorrow morning after I wake up and have my glass of water (I stopped drinking coffee). I like the Zen Habits morning routing idea, I'm going to give it a shot. Anyhow, here are a few of the photos I shot earlier today:

Alley with Trash

Concrete in Empty Lot

DWP Construction Crew

You can check out the rest of my Downtown LA Walkabout #3 photos here.

Horn Player Immigration Reform Now Concrete in Empty Lot Ricardo Cortez Ivy Above 110 Freeway Broken Lamp Base CalPOP Second-Hand Server Store DWP Construction Crew Chair in Alley Alley with Trash

Downtown LA Walkabout #2

Toady I went for my second walkabout in Downtown Los Angeles, in what will be a series of many such walks. I shot a couple of photos of random interesting things that I saw. I really like the photo of the flying rat pigeon above an alley. These photos were shot with my Canon 5D and a 16-35 f/2.8 L II lens.

Pigeon above alley

No Right Turn

High Security Cart

Pigeon above alley High Security Cart No Right Turn No Singer 7-33

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One Wilshire WIRED News Gallery One Wilshire WIRED News front door

One Wilshire Tour

I took a tour of One Wilshire a few weeks ago for WIRED News. I've always been fascinated by One Wilshire ever since I found out about its total coolness over a decade ago. About 8 years ago I got a tour and took some photos, which I can't seem to find in my archive. Luckily I got back and and shot some more:

One Wilshire WIRED News Gallery.


SAR : Robert Bruner Search Near Mt. Baldy

On Friday night a text message came in informing me that our scheduled training / certification was on hold due to a search call-out. I headed out to San Bernardino to the Sheriff's Office / Jail where we store our team gear. We camped on the floor of the SO's conference room and headed up to Mount Baldy at 4:30 AM.

Team 8 Tracks - Mt. Baldy Search

At around 6:00 AM we were given our assignments. I was assigned team leader for the first time. Our assignment involved riding up the chair lifts to the top of the Mt. Baldy ski area and then hiking down through Cedar Canyon to the Icehouse Canyon Trail [see the red track in the image above].

For the first half of the hike down we wore our crampons due to the slippery (although not treacherous) conditions. For the second half of our mission we walked on south facing scree slopes and boulder fields that had only small patches of snow covering them.

It was a good hike, although our roughly 50 pound packs made the trip physically taxing. When we finally hit an actual trail instead of just hiking through a drainage, it was a welcome relief. Unfortunately our team didn't find the subject. According to this article his body was found by two hikers.


BarCamp LA 5

I made my over to AOL's office in Beverly Hills and shot some photos of BarCamp LA 5. I would have liked to stay longer, but I was pretty beat from the search yesterday. I didn't shoot portraits this year, but Dan Tentler stepped up to the plate and handled it. Here are a few of the shots I took:

Barcamp AOL Lounge

Crystal Williams

Boogah observes Adernalines bread slicin

You can check out the rest of my BarCamp LA 5 photos on flickr as well as everyone else's Barcamp LA 5 photos here.