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PCUSA Sucks, I Hate PCUSA.com

when i bought a server from pcusa.com i thought i was getting a really good deal, it turns out i was wrong. it went well at first, but soon when the server became heavily loaded for extended periods of time it was hard crashing. there was nothing in the log that would indicate a bad disk or bad memory.

i decided to go down to the colo to investigate. the server was hot enough to fry an egg on. when i pulled it out on the rails and removed the "void warranty if removed" sticker, then the cover, i noticed that one of the fans that should have been blowing on the motherboard (not the cpu fans) was off... it wasn't plugged in because the cable wouldn't reach the motherboard. this really pissed me off. that's not the way to build a computer... any-who i just rearranged the way the cable was run and it plugged in just fine... i took the cover with me though because i'm going to cut holes in the top for more ventilation.

joy, pcusa sucks